Running. Beer. Running and Drinking Beer?

In what has got to be one of the more “interesting” announcements I’ve ever seen on a new running event, it looks like one of the many race management companies across the U.S. has decided to combine what is surely many runners’ favorite pastime after the race into something that will no doubt provide some great fodder for entertainment, at least.

It’s called “Tap N’ Run,” and from the looks of it, it’s basically running and drinking beer. At the same time. Experimental? Innovative? Quirky and slightly edgy, perhaps? The answer to all of those, of course, is yes. Is it a good running experience? Something tells me there’s only one way to find out.

So far, the race is set for five cities across the country this year, starting in Cincinnati in May and finishing in Nashville, Tenn., in August. Can’t wait to hear what this is actually like. Have any of you run in it?

Find out more at the event’s website: Tap N’ Run