New Feature: Comments of the Week

To better recognize the contributions that readers make every day to HalfMarathons.Net, I wanted to introduce a new feature here on the blog called “Comments of the Week,” to highlight comments and reviews left by readers that are particularly insightful, helpful and informative.

We’ll start the feature off actually by going back to October to the Towpath Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K in Peninsula, Ohio. Several readers took time to provide their thoughts in the days after the race, which helps by adding multiple perspectives on what the race was actually like for runners who took part in it.

Here’s just a sampling:

What a great day for the Towpath Marathon..Could not ask for better weather..And great turnout..Great course..Just had to be there very early at the start line. But there wasn’t any place inside to wait for the start, other then “outside” in the parking lot. You would think that with the number of runners in this race, and for as long as they have been promoting it, that the runners would be able to wait inside, where it would be “out of the weather”. 2 years ago it was very windy and temps in the 40′s, and still had to wait outside in the parking lot for the start? But one of the best runs in NE Ohio.

And here’s another:

This was my first full marathon and it was everything I could have asked for! We hit the jackpot on weather- I couldn’t have been happier! Starting at Boston Mills, I was so glad to be able to wait inside and use indoor restrooms. The aid stations were every mile~ knew I wouldn’t have to carry my own water- just brought my own gels so I wouldn’t have to stray from my routine. The volunteers were amazing and everything was so well organized. This was an experience I will treasure forever!

Read more at the complete race info page for the Towpath Marathon & Half.