Sometimes, you’ve just gotta put your foot down.

During marathon training, I put so much of life on hold to be sure to get in my weekly mileage and to ensure adequate time on the trails. And, ever since Pikes Peak, I’ve told myself that it was time to get back to those other things on the back burner. So that’s what I did. I finally finished cleaning and unpacking in the new pad, finally got caught up with some friends.

And, as needed and wanted as putting running aside and getting back to life has been, life is now starting to get in the way of running.

I first started to feel it last week. Monday, dinner plans, then a few errands for work. Tuesday, worked late. Wednesday, Colorado Rockies versus the Boston Red Sox and Todd Helton’s last home game of his career. You will be missed, #17! I felt like exercising so much that I walked home from Coors Field - took about an hour – despite the fact that my sandal was rubbing the top of my right foot raw.

These were all good things, and I was excited for them. Still, they kept me from running. Three nights of beautiful weather - home a bit after dark at the earliest and past my bed time at the latest – zero miles.

'Nuff said.

‘Nuff said.

Then it really hit me on Thursday afternoon as I sang to myself while driving to and then home from a meeting to round out another day at the office. I was dancing in the driver’s seat and soon found myself antsy. I CAN’T WAIT to run at the Snug tonight! The weather was superb – not too hot, slightly cool, air still – and I felt good for the first time in a long time. So I ran an extra lap.

It was during that just over six mile jaunt that what I suspected had become undeniably clear: Averaging ten miles per week – as I have been since the race – was no longer cutting it. I’m ready to run again; and I have to start making it happen, no matter what. Chores and ‘to do list’ items will have to wait. They will still be there when I get back. Phone calls and e-mails to friends will still get made and sent, just a little later.

I have a date with my running shoes – and some mental ‘RnR’ while I’m at it. I’ll be a better person for it. Promise.

This week, I am bound and determined to run more than two days and ten miles per week. I am running straight for the open arms of one of my absolute truest of loves. And I CAN’T WAIT!

Melissa Mincic, Ph.D., a long-time road and trail runner, conducts applied child development research and works to influence child development policy at the University of Denver. Follow Melissa on Twitter at @nerdinrunshoes.

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