Who wears short shorts?

Fair readers, I am getting bold in my old age. Bold, and I just plain ol’ don’t care about a lot of things that used to bother me. About exactly two years ago, I bought my first pair of three-quarter length running tights – for my first Pikes Peak Ascent. I’ve worn them only during marathon training when I felt OK about the idea of tight clothing. They have become one of my favorite running accessories.

A little over a year after that, I bought my first pair of tight running pants that I actually intended to wear on a regular basis. I feel best wearing them when in good shape and feeling OK about the idea of tight clothing. They have become one of my favorite running accessories.

About two weeks ago, I bought my first pair of. . .wait for it. . .what I call ‘shorty short shorts’ – spandex running shorts, bike shorts, “spankies” like the ones volleyball players wear. You know, the ones tons and TONS of girls wear to run and to work out and look totally comfortable in. Yeah, those.

Who wears short shorts? Apparently, now I do!

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Yeah. Totally doesn’t work. OK, back to the topic at hand. Ah-hem!

I have entertained the idea of a pair of shorty short shorts for a while now, and have even tried on a pair here and there for at least the past eight months. Believe it or not, I finally found a pair that doesn’t make me gag at the image staring me back in the dimly lit dressing room mirror of one of various sports equipment stores.

Ironically, I chose to buy these after a weekend of pigging out – near completely throwing all self-imposed dietary restrictions in preparation for the big race out the window. Note: I would not recommend this tactic - Not the best idea for your running or general self-esteem.

But hey, they were on sale! And, if I was at all thinking about wearing them for the Pikes Peak Marathon this year – and I was – now was the time, because time was running out. OK, I’ll take them; but I’m keeping the tags on until I decide whether or not to keep them.

Then, last Friday morning, I made a rash decision and. . .cut the tags off the shorty short shorts. It was official: They were mine. To stay. OK, it’s now or never. Put on your ‘big girl pants,’ a.k.a. shorty short shorts; and give it a ‘go!’

So, I wore them to work out with Ryan and his wife, Jess, Friday morning. Didn’t say anything about my perceived insecurities over showing so much leg and wearing what felt like very little clothing on the lower half that they did actually cover. Just wore them. Correction: Not only wore them, but let go of any insecurities and OWNED them.

Then, I wore them for a seven-mile jaunt from my new apartment to and around Cheeseman Park and back Friday night after work. Running in them was different than a core and strength workout in them. I wasn’t too sure I liked them for running at first; but after about a half mile, I was back to not only wearing them, but feeling like I belonged in them.

Then, I wore them on Saturday’s long run to see how they held up on the trail. If I was going to contemplate wearing them for the marathon in two weeks, I had to give them a real trail test run. Aaaaaand I owned them. Again. This time, no questioning them, not even for a second.

Who wears shorty short shorts? I do! In just a few short days, they have become one of my favorite running accessories. Huh. Wonder if that cute guy at the Snug will notice me ‘owning’ them. . .

Melissa Mincic, Ph.D., a long-time road and trail runner, conducts applied child development research and works to influence child development policy at the University of Denver. Follow Melissa on Twitter at @nerdinrunshoes.

2 thoughts on “Who wears short shorts?

  1. quote:
    “Huh. Wonder if that cute guy at the Snug will notice me ‘owning’ them. .”
    oh yeah.. all of us guys (cute or not!) noticed! ;)

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