A Little Love for One of My True Loves

So, my last post got a lil’ real. I’m clearly more than open to self-disclosure to my friends-slash-new-HalfMarathons.Net blog readers as well as all of you perfect strangers in the form of regular HalfMarathons.Net visitors alike, but I thought I should end my blogging for the week on a more positive note.

What better day to show some appreciation for one of my two true loves – running – than on the one day of the year solely dedicated to love?

So, for your reading pleasure, and to inevitably evoke my own giddy grinning, here are a few reasons – in no particular order – that I love running oh so much. Ah-hem! Drum roll, please. . .

  • No matter how much I might not want to run, I am ALWAYS happy I did run once I’m finished.
  • Hunk-a-licious running buddies like these three fine young gents:

JD, Tarino, & Dakin – TDH times three!

  • Warning: Eeeewwww alert! Wiping salt from my eyebrows and forehead after a particularly hard run and lying my running attire out to dry before throwing them in my laundry bag. You may say, “Gross!” but I say they are merely evidence of awesomeness!
  • The simplistic beauty and comforting feeling of home that only a gorgeous day in Cheeseman Park (in Denver – the second of my true loves) can offer:
One word: Home

One word: Home

  • Two letters that carry with them a subtle moment of self-satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that nothing else can replace: PR.
  • Thinking about how I will alter my training for the exact race for which I crossed the finish line just seconds ago to ensure a PR next year.
  • The view from the top of a tough trail run – ALWAYS worth the hurt it cost to get there:
Say it with me: Oooh! Aaah!

Say it with me: Oooh! Aaah!

  • The promise of reliving all of these blissful things and oh so many more thanks to one fact and one fact alone: I am a runner.

And, on that note, I close my eyes, take a deep breath in and dreamily sigh it out, and know that I am truly, madly, deeply, undeniably head over heels in love.

4 thoughts on “A Little Love for One of My True Loves

  1. I LOVE a new pair of running shoes- getting some tomorrow:) Someone in my running group asked me what kind I was getting, “the same as the ones I’m wearing, just less stinky with more spring” was my reply.

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