HellOOO HalfMarathons.Net readers!

I am so excited to talk to you today, my FIRST301260_4105437067659_54011250_n official day as a blogger for HalfMarathons.net! While this is my first blogging gig, I am not new to the writing scene. I have been writing for decades now, jotting down whatever comes to mind on a whim that inspires me, no matter how big or fleetingly small the thought. Of course, while in school, I also wrote a TON, not all of it (hmm, not most of it?) any of you would likely find even remotely interesting. Only recently have I begun pursuing writing gigs on a topic I am most passionate about – Running. And on that note, allow me to introduce myself. . .

I first pursued “running” in junior high school. I included quotes with the word here because our spring schedule consisted of four meets, one of which we discovered was listed on the wrong date when the whole team arrived to an empty track – FAIL! Although I gave it my all back then, I barely count this. It was high school, though, that I think I first considered myself a runner. I was too slow to compete as a sprinter, and, much to my dismay at the time, was labeled a long-distance runner and had to run BOTH the one mile AND two mile track events. Gasp! We didn’t have cross country at my small town Colorado high school, and I remember seeing t-shirts of my competitors at meets donning the phrase “cross country” and thinking, “Isn’t that what we’re doing?” I got very well acquainted with cross country running during my first two years of college as a member of the Lady Trojans women’s team at Trinidad State Junior College – when my love for the sport truly began. It was then that other people would have looked at what I was doing and consider me a real runner, I think. Once I was no longer a member of a running team, I’ve had an ‘on again, off again’ relationship with running until the end of 2009, when I picked it up again consistently. I haven’t looked back since. Up until that point, I had competed in 5K and 10K races. In the past three years, I’ve run my first 10-mile race, my first half marathon, my first relay, and many more races since. This year will mark my first marathon. When I think about how I wanted sympathy for having to race three miles at each meet back in high school, I have to laugh.

On a personal note, I am about as single as girls come and am trying to breathe new life into my career as a child development researcher at the University of North Carolina while bouncing back and forth between Chapel Hill – where my job is – and Denver – where many of my friends, my family, and my heart are. In my blog entries, you can expect to read about juggling running and personal lives from a general perspective as well as the perspective of a single gal, some informative, some reflective, and hopefully all entertaining. I welcome your thoughts as you read mine and hope you will feel free to chime in on the conversation whenever you’d like! Every day, I think about my next run; and every year, my running goals only seem to get bigger and bigger. I am looking forward to pursuing them – and hopefully to hear from you about yours – and to having you all along for my thoughts along the way. . . Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “HellOOO HalfMarathons.Net readers!

  1. Hey Melissa! Cool blog. Will check back for running tips. Planning on signing up for a Tri and/or half marathon this year.

  2. Sounds great! Check out the blog from time to time if you sign up for the half! Would also love to hear which ones you consider and what you think of the race if you run it.

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