(Yet Another) Race Company Cancels Events

Ken Hawkins/flickr.com

Ken Hawkins/flickr.com

Readers here will be familiar with stories from last year about race management companies cancelling events almost without warning, even though hundreds of runners had signed up and paid their registration fees to participate in several of their events.

Another race company appears to have folded in the opening weeks of 2013, as the California-based IO Events — which organized half marathons in Temecula, Calif.; Vista, Calif.; and San Diego — has closed its doors and cancelled its events.

The organizers tell the San Diego Union-Tribune that they will post information for runners on how to get refunds for events they’d already entered on the company’s website, www.ioevents.com.

So far as we can tell, this doesn’t appear to sink to the level of instances we saw last year, in which races were simply cancelled for no apparent reason and refunds not provided (though after major pressure from local officials and entrants in the cities where those races had been scheduled, refunds were later made in some cases).

It looks as if the race company has simply gone out of business here. Though surely that’s small comfort to anyone who signed up and has been training for months.

As they say, with the popularity of the half marathon and other distance races driving the creation of so many new events, buyer beware — most new races are obviously run by well-meaning people who simply want to stage fun, meaningful events for runners. Occasionally you run into people who aren’t so scrupulous, however, so please be careful.

Read the full story at the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Update: Check out the Facebook page for Runners Trying to Get Refunds from IO Events.

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