Let’s Get Started… for 2013

Daniel Horande/flickr.com

Daniel Horande/flickr.com

So…. we’ve been away for a little while here on the blog and on HalfMarathons.Net. But we have a really good reason. At least I hope you think it’s a good reason!

The editor, owner and publisher of the site — that’s me, Terrell Johnson — just got married and had a honeymoon with my new bride in Montana, which was gorgeous and amazing.

During these past couple of weeks, however, updates to the site and the blog have been scarce. Today, that all changes.

We have tons of updates on the way, with new articles on great running apps and race fundraising efforts from our writer Carissa Liebowitz, and a new series of posts from our new guest blogger Melissa Mincic on the way.

There’s also lots of new races I plan on adding to the site, thanks to the dozens and dozens and dozens of race directors and race management companies who’ve written me to let me know of the new races they’re hosting across the country over the past couple of weeks.

It literally never ceases to amaze me that no matter how many races I add to the site here, there are always more. That means there are more and more opportunities to run in the race distance we all love, and that many more ways to stay fit and improve our health.

Here’s to a great 2013 for all of you guys, and a HUGE thanks once again to making this site possible with all of your contributions.

One thought on “Let’s Get Started… for 2013

  1. Terrell,
    I would like to send you a book my dad and I wrote together, please email if you are interested. We are looking for some press on the the book, and this is a story we think you would enjoy. Let me know where I can send it, and if you like it maybe you could help spread the word for us.

    Chris Hoffman

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