On With the Training

By Megan Cox

So, now that I’ve got the greenlight to start my training for a half-marathon in December (after having a new baby a few weeks ago) and struggling through my first mile (well, the struggle really came the day after ), I’m ready to start my one-month 5k workout.

I’ll be using a training schedule I found online (view it here) during the month of June to get my body back into the swing of things. Then the fun will really begin!

The first two weeks of this 5k program don’t look too bad. Of course, ask me after I finish it, and maybe it will be a different story.

And those of you who are in awesome running shape right now, DO NOT laugh at my first few attempts at 2 and 3 mile runs. Did you just have a baby? Are you getting up at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m. to feed this baby? Are you chasing a precocious two-year-old around at the same time and cleaning up an endless round of spit-up, cheerios, and poo? (If you are, then yes, you may laugh at me; but only you.)

So, let’s take a look at the torture I’ve got planned for myself over the next 14 days:

Week 1

Monday starts with a 20 minute circuit (that’s jogging as long as you can, walking to catch your breath, and then resuming your jog). I guess no one will know if I jog for one minute and then walk the other nineteen! Ha ha. No, seriously, I promise not to do that. Really.

Anyway, I’ve got this kind of workout for the rest of this week—one 30 minute circuit, another 20 minute circuit, and then a one mile run at the end of the week. I think I’ll survive.

Week 2

This week starts with a 40 minute circuit, then a 1.5 mile run, a 20 minute jog, and finishes with a 2 mile run.

All joking aside, this schedule is very achievable. I am a runner—just a very slow, pudgy-tummied, breathless runner. But, after watching the Avengers this past weekend, I am all about getting back in shape and rocking a body like Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character. Black lycra bodysuit, here I come!


This is a guest post by Megan Cox, an Oklahoma City-based novelist, writer and contributing blogger for HalfMarathons.Net. Learn more about Megan at her website.

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