Friday reads: Foot form, nipple chafing and why miles?

This week’s roundup of stories and articles from the around the web is a bit of a grab bag, but that’s just sometimes what you get with my eclectic reading tastes.

Especially interesting to me this week was a story on foot form and whether it can cause running injuries in the New York Times, plus some invaluable tips for men to prevent the issue we always face with any run that’s longer than four or five miles. You know what I’m talking about.

Here’s this week’s must-reads:

  • Does Foot Form Explain Running Injuries?: From the NYTimes, another look at heel-striking, which causes so many injuries among runners.
  • How to Prevent Nipple Chafing: From Runner’s World’s Ask Jenny column, 8 tips on how to prevent looking like you “got shot” at the end of a race or long run.
  • Secrets of the Treadmill: Though the weather’s been unseasonably warm across the south, much of the country is still seeing plenty of winter weather, making the “dreaded” treadmill a necessity for now. Here’s tips on how to improve your workout on it, from Running Times.
  • Race Day Secrets from a Pro: From, a video interview with Runner’s World expert Jen Van Allen on how to stay hydrated and properly fueled on your half marathon race day.
  • Why Are Courses Marked in Miles?: Answer to a great question, considering so many popular race distances are measured in kilometers.
  • Grey’s Anatomy Stars Run Half Marathon for Charity: Yes, I know. Forgive me for linking to Star Magazine. But this is still a pretty cool one, right? Kim Raver, Chandra Wilson and Justin Chambers laced up for last weekend’s Rock & Roll Pasadena Half Marathon. Did any of you guys spot them at the race?

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