Race to Robie Creek Registration Opens Today

If you’re interested in running the April 2012 Race to Robie Creek Half Marathon — which organizers bill as “the toughest half marathon in the Northwest” — you’ll need to make sure you try to get into the race today. This race famously sells out in minutes each year, so check out the event website and Active.com for more info on signing up.

Registration for the race opens at 12:00 PM Mountain Time (that’s 2:00 PM Eastern Time) — don’t be late!

Race to Robie Creek official website: www.robiecreek.com

Plus more race info on the main site: Race to Robie Creek Half Marathon

Update: Registration for the race has now filled up, but the organizers are opening up a “second chance” registration tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM Mountain Time. From the race website:

You may sign up for the drawing on Tuesday, Feb 21 at 8:00 am MST. the drawing sign up will close Friday, Feb 24 at 5:00 pm MST. We are going to pick at least 200 spots, we will notify the winners and losers of the second chance drawing by email by Tuesday, Feb. 28.

To enter the second chance drawing, visit the race website.

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