Running the Great Wall of China

Most of us run marathons and half marathons in our own city, our own state, or places not too far from where we live. Some of our particularly intrepid readers here at HalfMarathons.Net, however, make a true adventure out of running their races.

That’s certainly the case with Mark Wegren, a reader who traveled all the way to China in May 2011 to run the Great Wall Half Marathon, which is one of those races that probably would be on many of our bucket lists. Mark was kind enough to take the time to share his story and photos of the trip with us here at the blog, and here’s his story:

My running career has always been defined by taking that next challenge. The first challenge was to run my first half marathon. Next was simply to beat my time. Then I started my 50 state challenge. Then, while surfing one my running sites, I came upon the Great Wall Marathon. That sounded really cool but only a pipe dream. This past week, it became a reality.
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