Question time: What would you like to ask Dana Casanave?

If you follow news about the running world and haven’t heard of Dana Casanave, there’s a good chance you will soon. This runner from Virginia is pursuing one of the most incredible projects/quests I’ve ever come across, one that must be as physically and mentally daunting as it is inspiring — she’s running 52 marathons in 52 weeks, all to raise money for children living in Africa who’ve been orphaned by AIDS.

The big news is, we’re actually going to cross paths this weekend — I’m running in the half marathon at Idaho’s Mesa Falls Marathon & Half Marathon, and Ms. Casanave will also be there to run in that event’s full marathon. We’re in touch now to arrange an interview, and I wanted to put out the word to you guys, and give you a chance to ask her questions as well — what would you like to know more about her project, about her races, and how she’s doing it?

Please feel free to submit your questions below in the comment field, or email them directly to me at info [at] I’ll bring them with me to the interview, and hopefully get them answered!

You can also learn more about Dana and 52 Beginnings at the website she’s set up for her project at

One thought on “Question time: What would you like to ask Dana Casanave?

  1. I am a 63 year old male who started running Jan. 2010. I have gone from 194lbs
    to 167lbs. I am running 20-25 miles per week with my longest run to date at 7m at a
    10min. per mile pace. My quandry is do I continue with fitness running or do I go
    for it by entering races. My son wants to do a half marathon, but I have not come
    to grips with running 13.1 miles. Where do I go with my running?

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